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Q: How much does it cost?

A: Nothing! Thanks to the NZ Comedy Trust and support from local funders, we are able to offer this programme at no cost to schools or students

Q: When does it happen?

A: The programme runs from the second half of February and culminates in a showcases as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival in Auckland and Wellington. All activities take place at lunchtime, after school, on weekends and during school holidays.

Q: What happens after the Festival Showcases

A: Selected students go on to be involved in the Class Comedians Master Class Programme, which concludes with another public performance.

Q: Isn't comedy just full of swear words and filth?

A: Not at all! We have a very strict content policy and a code of conduct all students must commit to. For more information refer to`Material Policy Statement'.

Q: What ages are involved in the programme?

A: All participants must be 15 years or older

Q: Can you just book a concert and not be involved in the rest of the programme?

A: No, it is all or nothing! You must register to be part of the whole programme to enjoy the concerts. 

Q: Is there a way I can be involved if my school isn't?

A: Yes! There is an Open Audition/Workshop for any interested students of the right age

Please contact us for any more information.

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