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Class Comedians provides an extra-curricular learning opportunity for senior secondary school-age performers in the comedy genre, and is run at no cost to schools or students.


To support the Ministry of Education's "Arts in the New Zealand Curriculum" document in providing students with opportunities to express themselves through making and presenting artworks as a positive reinforcement of their self-image and potential. Class Comedians is also an opportunity for youth to perform in a community-spirited festival environment. To foster future involvement in the New Zealand comedy industry by encouraging youth to see comedy as a valid art form, one that requires a variety of skills.


In context, the students will:

  1. Develop practical knowledge in comedy, exploring and using the elements, conventions, processes, techniques and technologies of the discipline.
  2. Develop ideas in comedy, individually and collectively, drawing on a variety of sources of motivation to make comedy happen.
  3. Communicate and interpret meaning in comedy, presenting and responding to a wide range of genre within comedy.
  4. Understand comedy in context, investigating comedy in relation to their social and cultural settings.

In relationship to the New Zealand Curriculum Framework students will utilize and extend their own:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Social and co-operative skills
  3. Self-management and competitive skills
  4. Information skills
  5. Work and study skills


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